Case developed for Gillette in 2015 during my time at Berghs School of Communication. 3 years later Gillette released a campaign with similar message.

Background (strategy from 2015- luckily not up to date anymore)
Gillette has sought to develop the perfect razor for 114 years. But today their razors are way past perfection. Times have changed and today it takes more than product development to be relevant to the target audience. Now is the time to develop something else, their communication. 

Just like everybody else, Gillette portrays masculinity in a very stereotyped way. Their communication has always looked the same. We see this clearly in this video from Gillette's latest campaign.

Our society is not equal and this is due in large part to such stereotypes. Properties that are put first in our society are those that are typically male, like strength, power and success. 
But there is something important that male standards lack, that is access to emotions. To not express feelings can, at worst, cause them to find own ways of spilling in aggression and violence. 
The truth is that 95% of all violent crimes and 3 out of 4 suicides are committed by men. 

Today, young men have bigger problems than finding the perfect razor. That is why Gillette must do something new in order to be relevant to them. We want Gillette to start the conversation about what it means to be a man and create a new communication platform that is sustainable for the next 114 years. Gillette will never stop being "The best a man can get", but they will change the meaning of it.

The heart of the campaign will be the campaign video which spreads Gillette's new message and tonality. 

Already at present, Gillette sends out a razor and message to all young men who turn 18. This tradition is the perfect opportunity to reach the target audience of our campaign. Gillette is now using this mailing when the young men turn 18, to bring home the idea of male standards and how they can be developed in the target audience. 


Under #BEAMAN on Instagram there are as many as 70,000 posts that work together to create a global conversation about what it means to be a man. 
Most posts are characterised by today's stereotypical image of masculinity. Like the one Gillette sets out to change. In different ways, Gillette will invite the target audience to share new images with new perspectives on masculinity in social media.

In a world where market forces are replacing religion, brands have greater power than we think. The voice of Gillette is strong and global. And we are convinced that they really can make a difference, if they choose to use their voice to raise this issue. Not only to become more relevant to their target audience, but for society as a whole.

View the campaign Gillette released january 2019 here: